Small Busi­ness Server

As a Microsoft Part­ner and Small Busi­ness Spe­cial­ist, Strea­mac­tive Solu­tions has exper­tise in Microsoft Win­dows Small Busi­ness Server deployments.

mssbs-smallWith our busi­ness servers, we aim at meet­ing the net­work infra­struc­ture needs of small busi­nesses effec­tively and flaw­lessly, to help ensure their busi­ness suc­cess, unpar­al­leled growth and profit making.

Mod­ern busi­nesses are tech­nol­ogy dri­ven and tech­nol­ogy is prone to glitches. Even a small mal­func­tion can stop the busi­ness activ­i­ties and lead to loss of pro­duc­tiv­ity. Thus, employ­ing the right tech­nol­ogy and IT sup­port at the helm is very impor­tant for busi­ness growth, sus­te­nance and profit making.

This arises the need for small busi­ness servers. Small busi­ness servers are inte­grated server suites designed for run­ning net­work infra­struc­ture (both intranet man­age­ment and inter­net access) of small and medium enter­prises, hav­ing no more than 75 work­sta­tions or users. These are effi­ciently used to meet the IT require­ments of the small busi­nesses with­out hav­ing them to spend fortunes.

At Server Con­sul­tancy, we offer SMEs the facil­ity of deploy­ing small busi­ness servers to help them safe­guard their data, col­lab­o­rate using shared infor­ma­tion and work pro­duc­tively, on the go. Besides, our busi­ness servers also pro­vide built-​in fire­wall and pass­word pro­tec­tion to the small busi­nesses for safe and secure run­ning of their IT oper­a­tions. Reduced down­time, auto­matic data backup, cen­tral data stor­age for easy infor­ma­tion shar­ing, increased sav­ings etc. are few other ben­e­fits offered to small busi­nesses, employ­ing our small busi­ness servers.

We are experts in Microsoft® Win­dows® Small Busi­ness Server deploy­ments. We are ready to help you make the most of your IT investment.

Build­ing the right tech­nol­ogy foun­da­tion is eas­ier with the right IT part­ner. At Server Con­sul­tancy, we spe­cial­ize in solu­tions that help you safe­guard your data, col­lab­o­rate using shared infor­ma­tion, and work pro­duc­tively on the go.

Let us help you make the most of your IT investment.

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